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Depend on the Des Moines roofing company, T and B Construction, to quickly and reliably handle any number of home repairs. Whether you need a new roof put on or just a few shingles replaced, our company has you covered with its experienced, knowledgeable staff and high-quality roofing materials.

In addition to roofing, we also replace gutters, install driveways and remove snow, making T and B Construction your go-to call for a range of home repair and improvement tasks in Iowa and surrounding areas.

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T and B Construction offers numerous home services in Des Moines, Iowa and surrounding areas. We help homeowners with insurance claims arising from storm and water damage. 


Notice an issue with your roof? Storm damage or leaks? Get in touch with T and B Construction to schedule a free inspection today.


Properly installed gutters prevent water damage risks. If yours are not draining properly, we can help you with unclogging them and fixing any issues.


Set the tone for your landscaping and home design with a professional driveway installed by T and B Construction.

snow Removal

Des Moines experiences around 20 days of snowfall on average. T and B Construction works to keep Iowans moving freely even in the dead of winter.

Try Our No-Hassle Approach

We handle insurance claims from start to finish.

Roofing Construction

Protect your home

If shingles come off during a storm or you discover a leak, call T and B Construction to inspect your roof. When materials beneath your roof become damp, it can lead to water damage issues and toxic mold growth, making it important, to repair those problems before they get worse.

Additionally, we handle issues arising from loose roof valley shingles and out-of-position or worn-out drip edges, ensuring water flows freely, into your gutters, instead of down the side of your building or home. If you need these repairs due to storm damage, T and B Construction provides no-hassle help for customers who need to submit insurance claims.

Laying roof tiles

Seamless Gutters

Avoid Water Damage

Keep your gutters in tiptop condition by using T and B Construction for repair and replacement. More than just a decorative accessory, gutters capture rain water and drain it away from your roof and the sides of your building or home, reducing water damage risks. If your gutters drain slowly or don’t drain at all, we can help you with unclogging them and fixing any issues. 

In addition to repairing old gutters or replacing them entirely with new ones, T and B Construction also installs properly pitched downspouts and gutter guards to improve drainage and mitigate damage to your home, landscaping and foundation. If you need a fix and can’t claim it on your insurance, our company can assist with financing.


Get the Best Driveway On the Block

Set the tone for your landscaping and home design with a professional driveway installed by T and B Construction. Located in Des Moines, our company uses high-quality materials that easily withstand extremes in temperature, inclement weather and common chemicals that drip from beneath vehicles. This will ensure your driveway maintains an attractive appearance for the long haul. 

Whether you need a driveway installed for a new home construction, repair to an existing surface or routine maintenance such as sealant application, T and B Construction can assist with designs and services that will exceed your expectations.

Snow Removal

Don't Let Snow Slow You down

Get where you need to go with our Des Moines snow removal service. Whether you need snow removed for a residential or commercial property, our professionals arrive promptly and handle the task at hand skillfully. We help you get to work on time and reduce potential water damage arising from melting snow.

Since Iowa experiences around 20 days of snowfall on average, with significant accumulation, T and B Construction works to keep those located in Des Moines moving freely even in the dead of winter.

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Consider T and B Construction, located in Des Moines, for all of your home (or business) maintenance and repair necessities. Whether you need a quote on a new roof, help with leaky gutters or assistance with your driveway…  We are here to help!

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Rely on T and B Construction to keep your home or business, looking its best. Our roofing, gutter and driveway services, help boost your home’s curb appeal, while our snow removal services make it easier to get to work on cold winter days. If you need us to fix weather damage to your home, T and B Construction goes the extra mile with our no-hassle approach to repairs.

We handle insurance claims for you, from start to finish, ensuring you get the repair or replacements that you need. Additionally, if you lack insurance or can’t claim the service on your policy, our company helps you set up financing to quickly get the job done.

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